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2/10 M Castle Nathria
You can see your benches data immediately, but in fact, you live in matrix they are preloaded (very heavy stuff). If we will load it for every user on that page - developer will live on the street. So your changes will be saved immediately, but really processed only in 1 hour (like all other update stuff).

TL;DR Changes will be processed in 1 hour. Troubleshooting if something is wrong

PS: you can subscribe on patreon to speed up the update process.
API, part 1

Hey, WGT developer here.

First part of the API has been implemented, check the help page about it. For now, only guild info (public part of wgt guild config + guild roster) is available. Soon, attedance API will be added, too.

more news: blog
No reports available

Reason may be one of the following:

  1. Guild may has no public reports on WarcraftLogs
  2. Guild owner choosed too strict filters on WGT (included raids, excluded modes/weekdays, etc.)
  3. Guild owner selected wrong game version (retail or classic)
  4. if none above - contact developer in discord
Sun, 01 Aug 2021 07:03:29 +0000
That's βeta!
On that stage we developing the tools and tuning them. Wanna thank us or help? Donate and share feedback and ideas on discord