Guild form

Add guild

To add new guild, go to account and login or register, after that you can use guild form to create new guild.

Guild name

Your guild name, including all symbols, examples: Æxøde, Nàstrandir, Schattenspiel, Совет Тирисфаля


Supported games: WoW Retail, WoW Classic


Your realm name “for urls” - slug. Like howling-fjord, check out that page

Optional 3rdParty keys

Services, like WarcraftLogs or Blizzard, provides you limited ability to interract with their API. If you generate more requests then allowed by service, you will be locked from service for some time. WGT may get into that trouble, so if you want to speed up updates and avoid accidental pauses, you may add your own keys below (note: keys used only to get public information about your guild, no private info even touched).

WarcraftLogs APIv1 Key

You may set your own WarcraftLogs APIv1 key to speed up your guild processing. Create for Retail or Create for Classic

NOTE: you must set API key name, otherwise it will not work (you may put anything you want here)

Output reports

Maximum columns / raid nights in attendance table. Note, output reports applied only to output, but actually WGT will parse output reports * 2 to use reports merging

Advised value: 10 - in that case 1 raid night = 10% attendance

Threshold %

Attendance percent. If character has attendance less then that value, it will be removed from attendance table.

Advised value: 10 - in that case you will see “missing” people immediately and new raiders will be added fast.

Allowed raids

Only selected raids will be included in attendance report, all other will be ignored.

Auto “on the bench” mark

Like manual “on the bench”, but automatic.

Ignored modes

If you want to track only Mythic progress, you may select all other modes as ignored, so they will be removed from your attendance report.

Ignored weekdays

If you want to track only specific days (eg: guild RTs on Wednesday and Friday), you may select all other days as ignored, so logs reported on those days wil be ignored.

Ignore before

If you want to ignore any reports before exact date, put it in that field. It may be useful if you want to start new raid season or expansion and get rid of old data.

Alts/twinks matching

That thing will merge your main and alts/twinks characters into 1 character, including overall attendance (by pull, too)

Next run

WGT has website (frontend) that works 24/7 and you use it right now, but log parsing, attendance calculations and a lot of other heavy stuff cannot be done on user browser. That’s why we have “backend” part which runs every hour and do all work, after that website updates with new data from “backend”.