Public API

About API

Right now, API is very basic, just to provide ability to get data from WGT in machine-readable format for your own needs.


Not implemented. No plans to implement it. Use API as much as you need, just don’t be a jerk.


API data updates with the whole website update more info


Any guild has /api/{guildpath}/guild.json that contains public guild configuration and guild roster (members), go structure (check example below):

type Guild struct {
	Game        string // retail or classic
	RealmSlug   string // realm slug, that may be used with any wow-related websites
	Progress    map[string]string // raid progress
	Alts        []Alt // alts/twings matching
	Name        string // guild name
	Vanity      string // guild url
	Realm       string // WarcraftLogs realm slug (do not use it, it's awful)
	Region      string // eu, us, etc.
	Attendance  Attendance // attendance filters configuration
	Members     GuildMember // guild roster

// Alt represents list of all characters of one player
type Alt struct {
	Main string
	Alts []string

// Attendance configuration for guild
type Attendance struct {
	MaxReports int        // output reports
	Raids      []int64    // 26 - Castle Nathria,  1000x - classic
	Bench      []string   // list of "autobench" chars
	Ignore     struct {
		Threshold float64 // Ignore chars with attendance lower than that number
		Modes     []int64 // Ignore bosses difficulty (lfr, normal, etc)
		Days      []int64 // Ignore reports, recored in following days. 0 - Sunday..
		Date      string  // Ignore reports before that date
		NonGuild  bool    // ignore PUGs/non-guild chars

type GuildMember struct {
	Name  string // character name
	Level uint8  // character level
	Rank  uint8  // character guild rank


Info about Совет Тирисфаля guild


Response is too big to post it here, so just open it in browser: Совет Тирисфаля JSON info